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A Look at the Risk Factors for Stroke

Last updated 4 years ago

A stroke can turn your life upside down in nearly an instant. While some strokes are so small that they’re never even noticed, major strokes can leave a person totally incapacitated. It’s vital to seek out stroke care immediately if you suspect that you or someone near you is having a stroke; minutes matter in such a situation. You may have a higher risk factor for having a stroke if:

You have a family history. People with close relatives who have suffered a stroke are more likely to have a stroke themselves. This is most common in families with a genetic disorder called CADASIL, in which a genetic mutation eventually blocks blood flow to the brain due to damage caused to the walls of its blood vessels.

You are a woman. Women are far more likely to need stroke care than men. Many circumstances related to reproduction and birth control can increase a woman’s risk of having a stroke. Lifestyle choices and habits such as smoking can also put women at a higher stroke risk, even as compared with men who smoke.

You are over the age of 55. For every 10 years over 55 you are, your risk of stroke doubles. This does not exclude the possibility of having a stroke at a younger age, however.

You have already had a stroke. A personal history of stroke, transient ischemic attacks, or heart attack can increase your risk of stroke by as much as 10. Stroke care and lifestyle changes are especially important to reduce the risk of a more severe stroke later.

If you are at high risk for having a stroke, or if you’d like to learn more about stroke prevention and stroke care, contact us at South Bay Hospital. We provide quality healthcare services and education for everything from orthopedic care to neurosurgery. Call (888) 685-1595 to learn more today.


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